Anganas First Ram Navami



Angana is upset as she is pregnant with Aakash's child. Soumya tries to convince her by saying that the situation that they are into was not in their hands. However it is up to them how they deal with it wisely so that neither Angana's family nor his family gets to know about the pregnancy and gets hurt. He suggests that for the moment they will have to hide about her pregnancy from the entire family. Angana is confused and upset but Soumya calms her down by telling her just to concentrate on her health and the well being of her unborn child.


On the day of Ram Navami, Angana being pregnant is feeling unwell and not in a position to fast but as per the family tradition it is her first Ram Navami after marriage and thus needs to keep the vrat. All throughout the day while Angana is fasting, Soumya will be continuously seen besides the extent that when Charu pretends to have a severe backache and Angana has to cook the entire food herself, Soumya enters the kitchen and helps her.



Will Angana’s impending pregnancy be revealed to the entire family this RAM NAVAMI?


Don’t miss to see this twist in Angana’s new married life that begins with the occasion of RAM NAVAMI In  



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