DALLAS, 21st June: This June is going to be a big surprise for Android users worldwide. IMobLife.Inc, a leading company of android apps, has launched its June World Cup sales. The sales feature, apps (All-In-One Toolbox and Memory Booster) with huge discount on regular price, and free harvest of one of the most comprehensive and popular app, All-In-One Toolbox. This is a great deal customers simply cannot afford to miss. 

The offer is valid from June 18th 2014, to June 25th 2014. 

During this period, the All-In-One Toolbox app price will be deducted by 50%, and users buy Memory Booster app, will receive All-In-One Toolbox at no cost all all. If users who review the All-In-One Toolbox app on Google Play, and provide the Imoblife.Inc Team with suggestions for improvement, then they could harvest All-In-One Toolbox free of charge. 

The main highlight of this sale is the All-In-One Toolbox app that is by far the most comprehensive and highly functional app on the market. For less than $ 1 Android users can access 29 distinct features in a compact 2 MB package, or without any cost, users could harvest the app by just review it on Google Play, and provide the developer some suggestions for improvement in future updates. 

Major features of the All-In-One Toolbox : Cache cleaner, history cleaner, apk cleaner, SD card cleaner, startup manager, bloat ware clean(preinstalled system app clean), flashlight, compass, to name is a few. The list of features in the package is endless and the fact that the offer provides the buy one get one free is unbelievable given how popular this app is. With this app installed, android users could save huge space for the smart phone, and great deal of time, since the app offers auto clean feature, makes the cleaning easier and faster on scheduled time. 

Next up on the list of amazing offers is the 70off on the Memory booster app which is again a top player in the market. This app is just what any and every Android smart phone user needs as it helps free up space in the phone, fix the stuck, slow issue, enhance performance and in general increase the productivity of the phone. 

With the auto boos feature, users could set up their own performance target, and the app Memory Booster Full does the rest. The app boosts at set time, set memory level and device lock, thus protect the smartphone from all lag and unresponsive issues. 

About the developer Imoblife.Inc: 

IMobLife Inc., an innovative, young and promising company that was founded in 2004 by two creative and enthusiastic young programmers. It is dedicated in developing and publishing free android software, including android games and applications, which cover system tools, entertainment, health, Lifestyle and personal productivity, etc. The company is developing pretty fast as time flies. And there would be more great products delivered to users. 

To know more about the sale offers and read up on the list of features within each app category, log onto www.downloadandroid.info 

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