Based in his studio in Clerkenwell, Andrew English is often being seen running around the corridors to gather inspiration from the work of his fellow artists, which he then tries to capture in his engagement ring designs. According to his colleagues and clients, English’s imagination has no boundaries and consequently allows him to see potential and possibilities in just about every kind of medium.

Andrew English has recently become one of the first designers to join an initiative that aims to showcase and promote UK-based bespoke engagement ring designers. The venture, baptised the F&L Designer Guide for Engagement Rings, is uniting one hundred of Britain’s most unique engagement ring designers to form a community where they can both learn from each other and share their work and knowledge with couples in search of the perfect token of their love.

A Conceptual Approach

According to Laura Bolick, co-founder of the F&L Designer Guides, what makes English unique is the fact that he bases each of his custom designs not just on images of jewellery that his clients like, but on their personal inspirations that they have found in all different sorts of media. When being commissioned to design an engagement ring, Andrew English asks his clients to compile an album of photos, paintings, poems and all other kinds of things that they would like to see captured in the ring that will tell their own personal love story.

Gemstones with Inclusions

English is said to have a fascination for ‘inclusions’, little flaws that come into existence when an impurity gets mixed into the formation process of a gemstone. Modern technology is capable of creating gemstones which will not feature these inclusions, but English says that he prefers to work with stones in their natural form. According to the jewellery designer, only a gem’s individual characteristics and deformities are capable of revealing it’s authentic inner beauty.

Andrew English’ work can now be viewed on his personal profile page on the F&L Designer Guides’ website.

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