Washington, DC — Lately there’s been a lot of hype surrounding the market growth and emerging consumer class of Latin America. The investment potential there has been intriguing for several years because of the possibility of significant growth, but so far it hasn’t played out. This time around it appears that the fundamentals are in place for the region to become a true force in the global economy.

While the global credit crisis has had many victims, Latin America was left fairly unscathed. The World Bank reports that about 50 percent of the population in Latin America is now categorized as middle class. And within the next 12 months an estimated 60 million people will enter Latin America’s upper class. With this increased income along with their open adoption of mobile technology and the internet comes increased purchasing power; the need for new products and services and thus the growth of startups, entrepreneurs and businesses across the region.

Recognizing and acknowledging this growth and also impact it will make especially on its neighbors to the north, indie media company AndesBeat , is set to launch LatAm is Landing, a one year Latin American inspired PR campaign. The campaign will launch at the SXSW festival on March 11th, 2013. The objective of the campaign is to build general public awareness while also increasing exposure of U.S. based companies and Latin American companies successfully doing business together with a focus on technology developments in small countries.

“Having lived in South America for the past 2 years I saw firsthand the challenges U.S. companies and organizations had regarding the ethos of doing long-term business in the region,” stated Shonika Proctor, co-founder of AndesBeat. Together with her Chilean co-founder Carlos Leiva Burotto, they want to change the way business is seen and done overseas, especially in small countries.

The LatAm is Landing SXSW meetup seeks to bring together Latin American startup founders from different parts of the region and the U.S. companies that support them as they celebrate the expansion of uShip into 6 countries in South America. The first event LatAm is Landing will take place at uShip world headquarters in Austin, TX and will feature top speakers including Shawn Bose uShip VP and GM of Global Business, Roberto Martini, CEO of Flag Co. (an Interpublic Group co., NYSE: IPG) and holding company of the popular Brazilan startup blog Startupi , and Craig Montouri, founder of PolitiHacks , an advocacy company for Start Up Visa Act.

In addition to a series of sponsored events co-produced in collaboration with several of their U.S. clients and technology partners, the LatAm is Landing campaign will also include the publication of a handbook, with the inaugural edition being released at TC Disrupt NYC 2013.

About AndesBeat

Founded in Santiago, Chile, AndesBeat is a hybrid media and guerilla marketing firm that assists foreign companies with doing big things in small countries.

About Uship

uShip is the world’s largest and most trusted transportation marketplace, primarily serving the freight, household goods and vehicle shipping markets. Consumers and businesses can compare and book upfront quotes, name their own price or receive auction-style bids from 300,000 customer-reviewed Transportation Service Providers, ranging from independent owner-operators to the largest freight carriers and brokers.

For more information on LatAm is Landing SXSW meetup, please visit: http://latamlandingsxsw2013.eventbrite.com/

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