September 15th, 2009 - According to, the Internet is now the best choice for those wishing to buy legal steroids, at least so long as they take precautions. The first question that anyone who considers using steroids should ask isn‘t how much do they cost, how fast will I pack on muscle, or where are they available, it should be: “is my doctor okay with this?” Performance enhancing drugs like steroids are real drugs, not just herbal concoctions; besides building lean muscle mass, they can have significant health effects on anyone who takes them, so having a physician monitoring their condition is extremely important for any athlete before they buy steroids. Steroid Sources ”your inside connection to steroid information,” one of the Internet‘s most comprehensive resources for steroid information, repeatedly hammers this point home, warning readers of the potential side effects attributed to steroid abuse or misuse. The site offers a wealth of information for anyone considering adding steroids to their workout routine. There is a comprehensive listing of products with critical information for each substance including the comparative advantages (and disadvantages) of using it, common street names, photos, typical doses, details about exactly how the drug works, and other facts that will help anyone considering use of the drug to make an informed choice before they buy anabolic steroids. The site also helps potential purchasers to navigate the thousands of web-based retailers who have popped up in recent years, offering anabolic steroids for sale.

The problem with many of the online retailers offering anabolic steroids for sale is that they are likely based in other countries, outside the jurisdiction of the FDA and US government regulations. While they offer an unprecedented choice for American athletes who previously had to jump through hoops to buy steroids, dealing with these vendors requires an informed buyer, with full knowledge of his or her needs and confidence that the retailer is trustworthy. Steroid Sources recognizes that online sources now represent the best choice for athletes who wish to acquire steroids -it‘s safer than resorting to the black market, less expensive and much easier than trying to deal with a traditional pharmacy- but the site urges those who wish to buy anabolic steroids to take the time to research the products and retailers thoroughly. Before ever adding a product to their online shopping cart, consumers need to know exactly what it is, what it‘s potential side effects are, what it‘s recommended dosage is, whether it‘s a legal or banned substance in the US and they should be confident the retailer they are about to buy from sells only the highest quality products while offering competitive pricing and secure transactions.

About The Author: Kelly McIntosh is a pharmacist and amateur bodybuilder who chooses to buy anabolic steroids online rather than though her own company, citing cost and privacy as her primary reasons for doing so. “One word of professional advice,” offers Kelly. “Consult before you ever buy steroids; it‘s an invaluable resource that will help you make the most of your purchase while avoiding health or legal issues.”

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