The AVCHD files formats are not very compatible with all media players. They are one of those least popular file formats which many people do not know except those who know that these files are the output formats of video recordings of popular camcorders. On the other hand MKV or Matroska files are gaining immense popularity for offering high quality media experience. In case users have the Matroska media player and looking at converting the AVCHD files to MKV files, then this converter, the free AVCHD to MKV converter is the best option. The converter does an efficient job of conversions. The tool is not only simple to look at but also very easy to use.

This converter is a small sized tool which does not take up much of the disk space. It is very handy and all the features in this tool can be used without any help. It is as simple as adding files and clicking the convert button. There is nothing major that the users have to do. They can add multiple files and save time converting one by one. The batch conversion option is an added advantage for users. The original file quality remains the same even after conversion. Users can make use of the customization features so as to improve the output file quality or reduce the file size. This is an ultimate tool that works really well when all the advanced setting options are utilized.

About AVCHD to MKV Converter

The AVCHD to MKV Converter is a freeware that converts AVCHD files to MKV files. The tool is very functional and offers various customization options which can be used to improve the output file quality.

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