Skincare Tycoon was created by Nerida Weaver, a skincare professional with years of experience owning and consulting for successful skincare brands, as a way to help share the knowledge she has gained in the field. Starting a business can be an exciting, yet scary, experience for women but when they have the right guidance, it becomes a lot easier.

As featured on many websites, Skincare Tycoon is a complete course that takes women from A to Z with detailed instructions on every aspect of launching a skincare business. It's great for women who are familiar with how to make skincare products, but is still suited to people who have never made skincare products in their life because Skincare Tycoon has detailed lessons that teach how to make the best possible skincare products, where to buy ingredients from to get the best quality for the best price, how to get packaging materials, how to find a great logo, and absolutely everything else that's needed to make a skincare product to sell.

The Business of Skincare

Once the product is created, Skincare Tycoon has modules in their online education program that teaches how to sell skincare products. There are so many opportunities to sell skincare products, and skincare is the largest category in the entire cosmetics field, so there is a lot of demand out there for quality, made-with-care skincare solutions. Skincare Tycoon comes with everything a woman needs to start her own business if she's interested in skincare, and it's all available online so everyone is able to study and build their business at their own pace.

There are women creating businesses with Skincare Tycoon and working on their companies’ fulltime, and there are women who just do it part-time after work, on the weekends, or just as a hobby. Students of the Skincare Tycoon program enjoy the freedom of being able to grow their business on their own time, and they feel like this course offers them a certain safety net, that is to say that they know exactly what to expect from the skincare business and have already been prepped and prepared for any obstacles they may face. Knowledge is power, and women are using that knowledge to create their own successful skincare brands all around the world!

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