Marylebone in Westminister is a beautiful place in Central London that is known for its affluence. The inner city area that is roughly demarcated by the Oxford Street has many interesting facts about it, thanks to its rich history. Some of the neighbouring areas of the city are Mayfair and St. John’s Wood. The Queen’s palace is only about a mile away from Marylebone London to its south which makes the place an attraction for the tourists. Ideal for both residing and vacationing, the place has grown in both the real estate as well as tourism sector over the last decade.

Ideally know for its advanced and proven-successful medical and dental services, the region has multiple clinics and institutes clustered around the Harley Street. The place is named after its church that was erected in the year 1817 in remembrance of St. Mary. The church was named St. Mary at Bourne which was synced together to frame the name Marylebone. The place has a connection with the game of Cricket with the world-famous Lords Cricket Ground situated within the inner-city limits. Nicknamed as the very “”home of cricket”, Marylebone London is the only terminal in the whole of London that is used by diesel trains.

As the pages of the history are turned, you’ll get to see its association with Doyle’s fictitious character Sherlock Holmes. Holmes residence in the collection is said to be at Baker Street, which is in Marylebone even though the exact address was a work of fiction. It is quite curious that the number 221, the residence number of Holmes is actually the premise number of the Abbey National Building Society. Marylebone London has been the home of many historical persona and legends like Charles Dickens, T.S.Elliot, John Lenon, Pau McCartney and others.

Marylebone has line of restaurants and bistros that offer a fine dining experience to both locals and tourists. The place is a haven for authentic British cuisines, thanks to the inordinate count of eateries that are spread around the city. They serve both street food as well as generously spread buffet and ala carte meals for the eaters. Marylebone London pubs are typical British bars where you can sit down and relax while sipping on a glass of wine or a bottle of bear. The menu is quite extensive with only best-quality alcohols brewed and concocted to create fizzy-topped, sparkling drinks that satisfy all senses.

Marylebone is also a popular shopping destination with some of the most opulent people residing in the city. Some up-scale shops near the city centre offers the best collection of apparel, both classic as well as contemporary. Even though the prices of garments from these stores are steep, the quality and designer origin make up for the extravagance. So, if you visiting Marylebone London on a vacation, shop from the fashion and antique stores of the city, chill at a pub, taste the most sumptuous dishes doled out at the restaurants and spend the stint royally.


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