A visit to a dentist need not be scary and a painful experience as it used to be in the earlier days. Today dentists like Dr. John Fagbemi are friendly and caring and have modern sophisticated machines which make the procedures less daunting for patients. Whether you need routine dental check-up or some emergency service, you will find Dr. Fagbemi as the best emergency dentist. He is a leading professional in the field of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. You might need emergency dentistry services at a very short notice and Dr. Fagbemi’s clinic will provide prompt service without you having to wait long for appointment.


The most common dental emergency is broken or chipped teeth due to a fall, accident or biting something hard while eating. It can be very painful at times or simply give you an unpleasant appearance. The injury can be external or may be severe enough to damage the nerves in your gums. So, a visit to an emergency dentist becomes vital and you should not delay in doing so. When you visit Dr. John Fagbemi for your dental trouble you will receive the best treatment. He knows how to soothe nervous patients and make them feel comfortable in his clinic.


Apart from broken teeth, wisdom tooth growth is another very common cause for emergency dentistry. The pain associated with wisdom tooth eruption very often requires you to rush to an emergency dentist. You might need the tooth extraction or a minor surgical procedure to relieve the pain. Dr. John Fagbemi has a wonderful clinic and staff to take care of even the most serious dental emergencies. The state-of-the-art machines and well-trained assistants promise the best dental service in London. If you have pain due to sensitive teeth, cavities or infections, it will be treated at Dr. Fagbemi’s dental clinic.


Dr. John Fagbemi is reputed for providing cosmetic and orthodontic service of the highest standard. If you are not satisfied with your set of teeth, then cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics by Dr. Fagbemi is your answer. You can opt for invisible braces which will allow your teeth to be set in correct alignment. These braces are ideal as they are almost invisible to others, so you will not feel self conscious wearing them in public. You will need to consult an emergency dentist for immediate relief from pain which may be caused by mouth ulcers or infections. These can however be avoided to a large extent by maintaining good oral hygiene.


Sometimes toothaches are caused by gum problems or cavities. But irrespective of the issue, common or serious, Dr. John Fagbemi is there to solve it for you. You may be in need of a simple filling or a complicated dental procedure, he will do it with extreme care and patience. Those having a fear or phobia of dentists, need not worry as his team is well trained and equipped to attend any kind of dental complication. Appointments can be made by phone and you will get a quick response. Relief from discomfort is assured by an emergency dentist, especially Dr. Fagbemi.


When you need immediate dental attention an emergency dentist will provide instant respite. If you wish to get well-aligned clean set of teeth, visit Dr. John Fagbemi for assured results.