15, October 2015: It has been well-aware that an Airwheel electric scooter is a cutting-edged means of transportation which could take one from one place to another and it has already been a fashion to ride one on the street to the subway station or the public square, or ride one in the office for more exercises. While it is enjoying an increasing popularity among the ordinary people, what they don’t really know is that an Airwheel intelligent scooter has been a fashionable company for its users during their either short-distanced or long-distanced trip as well.


As for a short-distanced trip, one could ride an Airwheel electric scooter to the grocery to buy the daily necessities for everyday life without wasting too much time waiting in the long crowed line or searching everywhere possible for an appropriate parking lot. Then the time saved could, as a matter of fact, be spent on taking care of one’s children in a more considerate way. One could also ride one to the park to meet his friends and put it aside anytime he desires to exchange their inner feelings in a much closer distance. Due to its tiny size, one could put it just by your feet where one seats himself without worrying about what time it might be stolen by the nearby thief.


One could ride an Airwheel self-balancing scooter to a long-distanced place as well. In fact, due to its light weight and tiny design, one could put it into the trunk of their private cars and take them out anytime they need them. With a scooter in their trunk, they won’t have to walk themselves all the way through the national park. Thus great energy and time of those visitors will consequently be saved, which could be used on something else of great worth.

What is more important is that an Airwheel electric scooter is comparatively environmentally friendly, which won’t emit hazardous gases that might pollute the air condition. Then why not choose one for yourself?

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