03, March 2016: AminoKit Laboratories has been successfully treating Colorado's addicts for decades, with a legion of successful cases. Now, they have revealed their two-tiered method of treatment when confronted with the varied challenges of personalized drug addiction. No human body is the same, and different biochemistries react to different drugs. However, one thing is certain. All mind-altering substances, from a cigarette to heroine—release dopamine.

When a patient becomes addicted to a substance, it has been shown that the body no longer produces dopamine at the same rate. It becomes reliant upon the substance to receive their natural levels of dopamine, and a patient becomes depressed, anxious, or even angry when they are off the substance to which they have become addicted.

AminoKit Laboratories, based in Colorado, has developed, and successfully employed, a two-tiered approach to addiction treatment. The first is a localized acupuncture therapy designed to stimulate nerve clusters throughout the body, and enable the release of natural dopamine.

Their second approach is to tackle the genetic factors that accompany an addict. Patients with these genetic factors form a complex aldehyde when in contact with dopamine-releasing substances, and this aldehyde is incredibly addictive.

AminoKit's unique amino acid therapy aims to tackle this addiction by introducing intravenous amino acids responsible for the natural production of dopamine, in effect stabilizing the patient's brain without intoxication, greatly assisting the patient in overcoming the debilitating effects of addiction. One thing is for certain, AminoKit's complex and adaptable amino acid therapy is the future of addiction treatment, and Colorado is in good hands.

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