25 July, 2014: Prominent American periodical the Huffington Post recently dedicated a piece on their website to giving a few reasons why rental villas in Sicily can and should constitute a viable option for an Italian holiday.

According to the article in question, Sicily is constantly and criminally overlooked as a holiday destination in favour of more popular parts of Italy — a fact a local tour guide quoted in the write-up attributes to the region’s inability to market itself. The legendary and widespread associations between Sicily and the Mafia could also, according to the article, be a contributing factor to the island’s relative obscurity.

However, the author of this feature states, it is misguided to overlook this part of Italy when planning a holiday to that Mediterranean country. The writer makes a staunch case in favour of a holiday in Sicily, claiming it leaves nothing to be desired when compared to far more popular options such as Rome, Milan, Tuscany or Lake Como. In fact, the piece explains, there are just as many reasons to seek out rental holiday villas in Sicily as there are for any of the other destinations mentioned.

Among the main reasons given by the newspaper’s feature writer in favour of renting villas in Sicily is the quaint appeal of its towns and localities. Sicily has long shed its Mafia-hovel reputation, and most of its main towns are now sleepy slices of ‘real Italy’, which many tourists are sure to appreciate. The region’s food and drink is another potential motive of interest for foreigners visiting the region, with its fish dishes and gelato being considered particular standouts by the writer. Finally, Sicily’s plentiful monuments, archaeological digs and other historic sites could, according to the piece, make a visit to the region worthwhile for history enthusiasts.

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