United Kingdom, 14, April 2015: Many people are aware of the bold and interesting flavours of American sweets. There is no denying that the sugary and savoury offerings from US are pretty delicious. People with a sweet tooth or those who want to taste American candies, confections, snack foods and sodas, American Goodies are here to help. The online professional candy shop hosts a concise catalogue which is also jam-packed with variety of flavours. All sweets from the USA provide melt in the mouth experience. M & M peanut butter, Lucky charms, Harry Potter Berty Bots Jelly Beans, Hersheys Kisses, and many more sweets are available.

The online American sweet shop is offering Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans. It is available in various flavours created to confuse the customers with assortment of good, terrible and in between flavours. Although some colours may give impression of a certain flavour, there is no sure shot way of telling the actual flavour. These jelly beans are immensely popular in the mysterious wizarding world. Those who are willing to try a selection of items, a delicious and unique gift, may consider the selection of gift boxes from American Goodies. The Twinkies supplied to the UK and other parts of the world brings the flavour craved by many.

Many classic products which can be solely found in American convenience stores are available at moderate markup. With a few clicks of mouse, buyers can effortlessly request everything from cereal to bubblegum, from soda pop to Jack Daniels steak sauce. Hershey supplied to UK and other parts of the world is an enjoyable and wholesome food to relax on diet limitations and indulge in moderation. There is no wrong or harm in occasional indulgence of such food items and share the enjoyment with others.

Availability of American cheetos in the UK makes the world an equally delicious place and credit goes to American Goodies. Customers can also select from various classics such as 100 grand bars, baby’s ruth, peanut butter M & M and other varieties of American Candy. The online candy shop is dedicated to distribute their delicious wares to anyone requesting them. As a UK based company, it offers free nationwide shipping on all the orders more than £25.

American Goodies offer fast shopping experience, great customer support, and an unbeatable selection of delicious American treat. The company has dealt with thousands of satisfied customers throughout the years. It hopes to connect with many more customers in future and extend the number of products offered.

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American Goodies provides a wide range of flavours in candy, snacks, soda and other food items for delivery worldwide. Anyone is welcome to take some time and browse their exceptional selection of individual snacks and gift boxes. There is also a selection of breakfast cereals such as Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms. Visit the website for more information on products offered.