Malaysia - As one of the America famous fashion brand, the renewable Michael Kors have already been loved and chased by more and more girls and women from many countries especially Malaysia. Recently, blog of famous online michael kors malaysia releases one new article which carefully describes with people how many superstars choose this famous America fashion.

If people carefully count all of these world famous super stars who like to wear Michael Kors design, they could find countless number of these people which include Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Catherine Rita Jones, Joan Ellen and so on. Among all of these people, Joan Ellen putted on Michael Kors when she was nominated for the Oscar best actress award in 2001. In addition to this actress, Jennifer Garner also putted on Michael Kors in Academy Awards ceremony of 2006.

It is indeed that the designer Michael Kors also designed many play clothes for many world famous movies. Gwyneth Paltrow wears Michael Kors in his movie Possession in 2002. Kate Blanche also dresses Michael Kors clothes in her film Bandits of 2001. All of these super stars¡¯ favorite should be the best advertisement for this famous America fashion brand.

The editor from famous online michael kors malaysia outlet outlet tells each people the reason why Michael Kors could attract all of these super stars. The fame of Michael Kors lies in his traditional classical, stylish, elegant but not overly fancy design. In 1996, The New York Times¡¯ fashion columnist Amy Spindler commented that Michael Kors should be a designer of various strength of designation style. His designation is very successful and it could bring the simple but beautiful fashion to the fashion industry.

Michael Kors¡¯ brand got Elle and Cadillac Fashion Award for Excellence in 1995. In addition, he also received the 1999 CFDA which is also known as Council of Fashion Designers America and the Women clothes designer of the Year, 2003 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year title and 2010 CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. Other kind of awards for this famous America designer is countless.

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