Customer Experience Index analytical model developed by Amdocs identifies the operating areas for India service providers to focus on in order to improve customer experience

Pune ¾ March 21, 2013 ¾ Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, today unveiled research results that provide insights into the customer experience as perceived by mobile communications customers in India, and measures the relationship between customer experience improvements and customer behavior.  Findings quantify how an improved customer experience can directly impact a wide range of customer behaviors, such as customer spend, churn, complaints and willingness to recommend or order a service.

The research of 5000 mobile customers across India was analyzed using the Amdocs Customer Experience Index, an analytical model designed by Amdocs, and validated by Deloitte Touche, which incorporates advanced mathematical and statistical techniques to measure the relationship between customer experience and customer behavior at different touch points throughout the customer lifecycle. Using segmentation variables, such as gender, age group and type of service plan, the Amdocs Customer Experience Index model analyses the levels of 25 key experience parameters, across direct and indirect touch points including brand perception, marketing campaigns, sales and customer-care interactions and self-service, to score service provider’s customer experience on a scale of 1 to 10.

Research findings include:

  • The Pan-India Amdocs Customer Experience Index score stands at 7.17 (on a scale of 1 to 10) but varies across segments. For example, rural populations report a relatively better customer experience than urban populations (7.22 versus 7.17), and Generation Y (age group 18-24) consumers report a relatively better experience than Generation X  (age group 35-54) customers (7.20 versus 7.12)
  • A one-unit increase in the Amdocs Customer Experience Index score resulted in:
    • An increase in customer spend by more than a fifth
    • A reduction in number of customer complaints by more than a fifth
    • A two-thirds decrease in customer churn
    • A doubling in customer willingness to recommend a service or a provider, improving Net Promoter Score
    • Parameters found to be of high importance to end customers in India, where service provider performance was perceived as low, included “store and call-center experiences”, “attractive promotions” and “offer variety meeting individual needs”
    • 52 percent of respondents do not use services other than mobile services from their current operator (e.g. satellite TV/DTH, broadband, fixed-line) presenting a huge cross-sell / up sell opportunity
      • Of respondents, only 2 percent use 3G services, only 7 percent use mobile banking services and only 16 percent use self-care channels

            “It is becoming increasingly clear to communication service providers that delivering best in class customer experience is a competitive differentiator; it drives customer loyalty, and directly impacts revenue and profitability,” said Anshoo Gaur, head of Amdocs India.  “What has been missing is a methodical way of identifying the specific operating areas to focus on in order to improve customer experience the most. In this context, Amdocs, with its solid, global industry experience, developed a model that could be used to do this exactly - the Amdocs Customer Experience Index.”

 “Customer experience is delivered through multiple touch points and is impacted by various systems and business processes,” said Sandip Biswas, director of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. “Building on Amdocs’ experience in the communications space and in customer experience systems and services, the Amdocs Customer Experience Index model reduces the complexity of measuring customer experience into a simple score between 1 and 10, offering a reliable benchmark for service providers across customer experience touch points, segments and providers.”       

“What service providers perceive as key to a great customer experience is not necessarily what’s important for the end customer,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs. “Our research identified lower-performing areas customers in India actually care about, such as level of politeness of the customer service representative, and which can have the most impact on critical behaviors such as spend, repurchase, recommendation, complaints and churn. With the new Amdocs CES 9 portfolio, which revolutionizes the customer experience by personalizing every customer interaction with real-time insight, Indian service providers can improve in these exact areas and realize tangible benefits.”


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