Ambuja Cements launches Ambuja Plus in Chhattisgarh
~ New Cement Product with advanced formulacomes with 20% more strength ~
Ambuja Cement the undisputed leader among cement companies inIndiahas launched Ambuja Plus, its latest cement product in Chattisgarh. Ambuja Plus is an innovative product createdwith an advanced formula, offering20% more strength than ordinary cement.Ambuja Plus will be manufactured and distributed from the company’s plant at Bhatapara in Chattisgarh.
Speaking in the launch of Ambuja Plus, Mr Anurag Sulleray, Zonal Head of Ambuja’s Customer Support Group said, “After 6 months of continuous research and trials with more than 25 different materials, our technical experts developed a unique formula. The formula derives the finest properties from every material used in developinga cement product. This makes the Ambuja Plus 20% more sustainable than any other cement product available in the market.The product has been createdto cater to individual home builders in smallermarkets, where there is a shortage of quality cement products and also professional services.”
PVS Ravi Kumar, Head Marketing,Ambuja Cements Chhattisgarh said, “The new cement is marketed under the brand name Ambuja Plus and will be packed in moisture-proof plus leak-proof packets ensuring superior quality with less leakage-prone slabs.”
Those purchasing the products will also get support from Ambuja’s Customer Support Group, comprising of expert civil engineers and technical advisors. Contractors and customers who are building smaller houses for personal use will be provided withthese technical services at a very nominal charge.
“Our Customer Support Group will lend theirconstruction expertise to consumers who have spenta life-time savingfor their first house, but do not have access to experts advise”, added Mr. Trivedi, Head of Customer Support, Eastern region.
One of Ambuja’s popular and useful techiques is ‘modular curing’. The Customer Service Group will also provide consumers the option of using modular curing for building their house. Modular curing is a process in which sheets made of special plastic are used for retaining the moisture in concrete which is very important for strengthening any foundation.
“Traditionally, moisture is retained by constantly sprinkling water on concrete pillars and slabs for a week to ten days. It is not an sustainable and eco-friendly method as it involves wastage of approximately 12,000 to 15,000 litres of water on a whole. Modular curing is a more sustainable best practice, ensuring negligible use of water.” Mr. Trivedi added.