The Grill Guru has exploded onto the summer marketplace with a convenient, three part grill set that has found its place in thousands of American homes.  The grill set is high-quality, and extremely affordable at a fair $40.  Recently, the Grill Guru team decided to throw a private grill-off event with randomly selected customers.  Grill Guru executives flew ten families out to Dallas, Texas for the event and provided each grill chef with a free Grill Guru grill set, plenty of food, and an opportunity to win $2,500 for preparing the best meal using the Grill Guru grill set.

Grill Guru executives set up a two day extravaganza at an undisclosed location that left loyal customer Dale Thomas in good spirits.  Thomas stated “ I wrote into Grill Guru corporate and expressed my gratitude for their product.  I try to let people know when they have created something that adds value to my life, and the Grill Guru grill set did just that.  When they offered to fly my family and I out for a grill-off and a short weekend vacation, of course I accepted.  I never expected to win $2,500 for having fun.”

Grill Guru creative advisor Reginald Butler stated “ We wanted to do something fun for a select few American families that supported our product and took the time to let us, and/or other people, know about their experience.  It is important to us to interact with our demographic and maintain an understanding of what they want.  We want to understand what they think, and how they think so we can better suit their needs.”

The revolutionary mindset of becoming a part of your customer demographic to better serve the community is just another genius idea produced by Grill Guru.

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