May 18, 2016 — Amazon launches unique and newest set of top leading performer automotive cleaning towels — the Microtidy Microfiber Cleaning Towel Set. With its extremely high thread counts, this towel set brings a convenient and efficient experience of cleaning at very affordable rates with an exclusive feature i.e., save 15% on 2 of every 2 qualifying items of purchase or save 20% on 3 of every 3 qualifying items of purchase.

The set comes with 12 large packs. The 16x16 inches Microtidy Microfiber Towels pick up every dirt, moist and grunge and can easily be dried out after washed. Their super absorbent facility made from soft, non-abrasive microfiber fabric contributes to a greater cleaning routine which gets the job quicker and offers users more leisure time. The fabric is tougher and could last really long. Impressively, they do not require any chemicals to get cleaned.

The power towels will do the work much better than other standard cleaning cloths. The microfiber towels absorb moisture enough to clear any gloom from the inside of a window. They work effortlessly with cars, boats and motorcycles and purchasing this cleaning set implies a cheaper yet more effective way on dealing automotive cleaning since it frees the consumers from spending money on buffer pads and power polishers.

Preparation and wide-ranging quality control has resulted in a microfiber cloth highly useful and effective for cleaning most if not all sort of optical surfaces and more. In addition to home users, the product is a must have for workplaces. Moreover, the product comes with a very special unique facet — a lifetime guarantee which removes all the possible risks from the consumers. The consumers always come first, so if the product falls short to offer expected results, purchasers can easily get a full refund — no questions asked.
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