With the increase in popularity of Amazon gift card, professional programmers recently introduced a new tool that can generate code for free. The Amazon gift card generator is a new hack tool that generates 16 digits gift card for users. It has been reported that Amazon gift card generator is among the top 3 hacking tool online. With a very friendly user interface and smooth controls, the codes have no expiration date and are valid until it is redeemed.

Amazon gift cards are now available both online and offline. People can buy from retail stores in the form of plastic cards, where the numbers are printed at the back. Sources have it that there are now many legal websites which provide free Amazon gift cards. Mechanical Turk was named as one of the popular site that provides free gift cards. The Amazon gift card generators version 5.0 which was recently uploaded is one of the biggest sources of gift cards.

Generating a code with the new Amazon gift card generator is simple and fast. Users need to first choose the desired amount ranging from $10 to $500. The second step is to enter the email address associated with Amazon account, where the amount will be credited automatically. Users who do not have Amazon account can provide different email to receive the gift card. After entering the amount, click the Generate button and wait for the message Free Amazon Gift Card Successfully Added to appear on the screen.

With online scams becoming a common threat, Amazon gift card generator is equipped with safety buttons knows as Use Proxy, Safe Mode, and Fast Mode. Users who wish to generate higher amount of gift cards such as $200 and $500 need to use Safe Mode.  The Use Proxy is recommended for USA, Northern, and Southern Europe users. For more information please go to http://freegenerators.net/free-amazon-gift-card-generator/


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