Amanda Mansell is one of the first engagement ring designers to be selected to join the ‘F&L Designer Guides on Engagement Rings’, a recently launched project aiming to create a community where UK-based bespoke engagement ring designers can share their work, knowledge and advice with couples who are planning to get engaged.

Mansell is one of the approximately 25 designers who have joined the initiative so far, although new designers are choosing to participate weekly. F&L’s eventual community will be limited to 100 participants in order to keep the standards high and the group exclusive.

British Craftsmanship

In order to be granted a profile on the F&L Designer Guides website, all applicant designers are asked to demonstrate a certain authenticity and uniqueness when it comes to their work. According to Laura Bolick, founder of the F&L Designer Guides, Amanda Mansell has the edge over High Street designers because she embodies the perfect example of British craftsmanship.

Mansell proves to be committed to the preservation of old British jewellery skills and traditions by having her designs made by local artisans, who still use and command the traditional manufacturing techniques.


Amanda Mansell started off her jewellery making career at the Royal College of Art in London. As a student, she mainly worked with innovative and experimental materials, before changing her style more towards the more established metals and stones. Her work as one can admire it today often features diamonds, gems that are most often chosen for engagement rings because of their hardness and durability, although the designs of Mansell’s rings make an all but traditional impression. Influences of Art Deco, minimalism and architectural structures can be recognised in her work by the experts in the field.

A selection of Mansell’s engagement rings can today be found on the F&L Designer Guide for Engagement Rings website.

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