Over the past years, the International TV personality and author Amadi Jae has combined effectively original music with euphoric live performances and has become recognised as one of the most experimental and captivating artists around.

March 18. 2016 - Amadi Jae is releasing her newest single titled ‘’Amadi Jae’s Lonely Night Late Mornings’’. The single is being praised by some of the biggest names in the music and recording business! That list includes Nagib Hawk, the Producer of the new single.

Amadi Jae announces details of her new single album, her first in 2016. The record which is one of his best singles ever was released on date of release 2016 and is in any reputable online store all over the world. This new record started making impact in the music world right from the day the single was released.

Amadi Jae has bagged recognition with her previous albums and music released in the past. This new record promises to give her more award than in the past. This is a review from one of the lovers of Amadi Jae’s music. ‘’I have been waiting patiently for her new album. Every beat that comes from Amadi Jae is a hit. I listen to her music almost every day and here in United States, in a short time, I think her brand will take over the music industry’’ said Shune.

”It's not just a wealth of musical styles or her smooth and expressive voice that have made Amadi Jae such an excellent artist. Her songs, which range from thoughtful to silly to poetic, show that she knows her way around the English culture just as well as she knows her way around a guitar.” Said Johan.

Amadi Jae’s new single Album is widely distributed all over the world by VJ Music Distribution. It is produced by Nagib Hawk. For more information about the new single Album, visit: www.itunes.com. Amadi Jae can be reached on the following social media links: www.facebook.com/amadijae, www.instagram.com/amadijae and www.twitter.com/amadijae on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter respectively.

About Amadi Jae’s Music:
Amadi Jae’s Music is located in United States of America and was founded by Amadi Jae. The primary objective of the founder is to provide all lovers of music around the world a unique Brand in the music industry. All her songs are found in all reputable online marketplace. For more about Amadi Jae’s single Music Album, click here https://www.itunes.com

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