Always think of best
PR 24x7 Network Limited provides you measures to think best
Being human being, it is not easy to think of best all times. While discharging various duties, we come across many situations which cause joy as well as concern also. As we are habitual of forgetting moments of happiness, early, the joy gained remains with us for a short period, but the moments of concerns remain with us till that are not sorted out.
It is all about character sticks of human nature. If we are working people, we take all cares for satisfying our employers so that we do not get a chance of dissatisfaction from their sides. And if we are businessmen, we are required to keep pleased all staff working with us so that they can give their best. But to maintain both the situations, we have to concentrate upon those means which offers us “Best”. For that, we will have to think of doing best every time.
Here are few things to think of best:
Breaking Thought Patterns
All of us can tend to get stuck in certain thinking patterns. Breaking these thought patterns can help you get your mind unstuck and generate new ideas. There are several techniques you can use to break established thought patterns:
- Challenge assumptions: For every situation, you have a set of key assumptions. Challenging these assumptions gives you a whole new spin on possibilities.
You want to buy a house but can't since you assume you don't have the money to make a down payment on the loan. Challenge the assumption. Sure, you don't have cash in the bank but couldn't you sell some of your other assets to raise the money? Could you dip into your retirement fund? Could you work overtime and build up the kitty in six months? Suddenly the picture starts looking brighter.
- Reword the problem: Stating the problem differently often leads to different ideas. To reword the problem look at the issue from different angles. "Why do we need to solve the problem?", "What's the roadblock here?", "What will happen if we don't solve the problem?" These questions will give you new insights. You might come up with new ideas to solve your new problem
- Think in reverse: If you feel you cannot think of anything new, try turning things upside-down. Instead of focusing on how you could solve a problem/improve operations/enhance a product, consider how could you create the problem/worsen operations/downgrade the product. The reverse ideas will come flowing in. Consider these ideas — once you've reversed them again — as possible solutions for the original challenge.

- Express yourself through different media: We have multiple intelligences but somehow, when faced with workplace challenges we just tend to use our verbal reasoning ability. How about expressing the challenge through different media? Clay, music, word association games, paint, there are several ways you can express the challenge. Don't bother about solving the challenge at this point. Just express it. Different expression might spark off different thought patterns. And these new thought patterns may yield new ideas.
- Key Point
- The ability to generate new ideas is an essential work skill today. You can acquire this skill by consciously practicing techniques that force your mind to forge new connections, break old thought patterns and consider new perspectives.
We are sure that if we throw away all negative thoughts and start doing things in proper way, there will not be any point of unhappiness in our life.