One can never say for certain that so and so filter part is more important than so and so filter part. A water purifier consists of multiple water filter parts that play their individual roles in the functioning of the purifier. But when it comes to RO purifiers reverse osmosis membranes perform the core job. Without these water filter parts the entire purifier will be good for nothing.


Osmosis is a process that happens naturally. In this process a weaker water solution always flows toward a stronger water solution (provided they are somehow connected) so that the resultant solution has the same strength. But in reverse osmosis the exact opposite happens. One doesn’t need to tell you that reverse osmosis cannot happen just like that. There is pressure applied to ensure that the stronger solution flows toward the weaker solution to maintain equilibrium. During this flow the stronger solution is made to pass through reverse osmosis membranes. This is where the larger salt and mineral molecules are stopped from passing and the isolated water molecules are made to pass through. This is what purifies the water.


Now imagine if RO membranes cease to work. What will happen to the purifier? It will simply not do any water purification. This is perhaps why you need to have these membranes handy. The moment you see that there is need for replacement of the membrane you need to do the replacement.


But RO purifiers are not just about reverse osmosis membranes. There are many other important parts and accessories that form part of any RO purifier. There are those pipes that connect the purifier to the water tank or the faucets. There are the faucets that are used for dispensing purified water. There are a range of valves that ensure proper flow of water. There are the connectors that connect pipes and prevent leakages. There are the clips that can start or stop the flow of water. Then there are those pumps that are required to store the purified water.


One good thing about RO purifiers is that they are made of multiple water filter parts and this means you don’t need to change the entire purifier when something goes wrong. All you need to do is identify the part that is not letting the purifier work optimally and then change it. No, you don’t need to turn your home into a warehouse of water filter parts but parts as important as reverse osmosis membranes should perhaps be there. For the other parts you can shop online and have them delivered home.


Even though tap water is properly purified in the USA there are enough carcinogens in the purified water to make someone fall ill. This doesn’t happen that often but it can happen. Hence, it always makes sense to use water purifiers especially if you have a sensitive skin or if there are kids at home. Keep some water filter parts like reverse osmosis membranes handy so that you are not devoid of purified water, ever.


Water filter parts like reverse osmosis membranes should always be kept handy for immediate use.