09, May 2015: In a press conference held yesterday at New York City, New York, Alpha Rush explained the happiness and satisfaction of their consumers found in the numerous Alpha Rush Review posts online, citing the efficacy of this dietary supplement to help lose weight naturally and efficiently.

“Their review posts in the World Wide Web are unsolicited and voluntary. Plus, they are not paid to write and post their reviews or testimonials. Meaning, they have claimed the real thing based on empirical experience,” said the company source.

One review author had this online post: “This product really helps me burn fats in a faster rate. Then, it works without any risk to be feared of. It indicates the naturalness of this dietary or nutritional supplement.”

The five major positive results of Alpha Rush, according to the company, are as follows:

* It suppresses food appetite successfully.
* It eliminates toxins, fats and pathogens.
* It strengthens energy and power.
* It enhances good mood and good state of the mind.
* It blocks fats formation and calories build-up.

The company further revealed that this nutritional supplement does have Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, and Orange Extract. “This combination makes this product really working. Thus, it works well not just on me, but, above all, to each and every user of this dietary supplement,” another Alpha Rush Review author cited.

Meanwhile, this product has an offered risk-free trial through its official website. The potential users, according to the company, is not required to spend their money right away, as this trial program is offered to allow them experience first its efficacy before any formal purchase to be made.

“We have been doing this as part of our social corporate responsibility. And, we will continue to do this as our constant gratitude to each and every one,” added the source.

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