Aole Vera or just Aloe has been documented as far back in time as 5000 BC as an all healing ie. medicinal plant, it has been documented by ancient Greeks and Egytptians as the go to plant to cure all most all illnesses and is highly used today in drinks and topical creams.

So what does this plant have that makes it so special, no one really knows what makes Aloe Vera gel so good for the body other than it has all of the ingredients that make the body tick, it basically make the body work the way it was intended, it removes all the toxins, it lubricates the joints, it increases the blood flow, it is a natural anti inflammitory and a natural pain killer.

You can see just how versatile Aloe Vera or Aloe is just by looking at some of the applications it is used in for example it is used in bite and sting cream, it is used in skin cream inparticular the types used for dry skin, it is used for skin types that are prone to excema etc, is is also used for fungal disease such as Atheltes Foot if you get caught in the sun and have a bad case of sunburn Aloe Vera is also used to cool the burning sensation this leaves you with but did you know that Aloe Vera is also used in sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Aloe Vera is often mistaken fo a cactus, but is in fact a succulent and one of the spikier members of the lily family. The potency of the Aloe Vera plant is due to its rich variety of ingredients, which are present in perfect balance, and work together as a team. Although the solid portion of the plant forms only 1%-1.5%, the rest being water, this small amount of active ingredient can have a substantial effect on the body.

One of the most unbeleivable uses and it took me a while to beleive it is that you can actually drink Aloe Vera, drinking this natural extract actually stops or slows down (depending on the severity) IBS iritable bowel syndrome among other quite nasty stomach or intestinal problems.

Aloe Vera sooths, cools, lubricates, anethstatises and makes the users feel on top of the world so why does not everybody takes this supplement as they should? Quite simply people do not know the benefits of this plant most people know very little ie. it stops sunburn or it helps with bee stings.

It has only just begun to make its way into the western staple diet, so look out for it and try it when you can this is especially true for the drinking gel, make sure it is the gel (at least 85% pure Aloe Vera Gel).

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