Alleon Capital Partners, LLC (“Alleon”), a medical factoring and financing company headquartered in Englewood N.J., announces the closing of a $2,000,000 medical factoring facility to an Ohio based medical imaging center.

The medical provider sought funding to add a fourth location and purchase a new MRI machine. Additionally, capital was needed to digitize existing MammoVans, several vans which are used to perform on site mammograms for local businesses.

Tbe MammoVans procedures business grew rapidly for the provider and the funding will alleviate bottlenecks and lead to quicker processing time and faster reimbursement. After analyzing the provider’s accounts receivable portfolio Alleon was able to quickly structure the financing facility.

"Our medical factoring facility is especially useful for providers who are looking to grow their practice. Due to the time gap between dates of service and payments from insurance carriers, many medical providers who are experiencing growth have a hard time meeting cash flow needs. We are happy to help the provider manage his cash flow so he can better serve his community.” said Ben Rutkevitz, Head of Business Development.

About Alleon:

Alleon Capital Partners is a specialty finance company focused on providing capital solutions to medical providers that are unable to secure financing through conventional sources. Alleon works with providers nationwide, as long as they receive payments from Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurances, Private Insurances, HMO/PPOs, Managed Care, No-Fault/PIP carriers, Worker’s Compensation carriers, and Letter of Protection (Personal Injury) cases.

To contact Alleon please call Ben Rutkevitz at 201-340-6346 or email him at [email protected]

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