Allen And Roth are a house brand of Lowe’s. The company deals in household and kitchen products that are manufactured in over 800 factories around the world. The products range from lighting, to closets, curtains, vanities, patio furniture, wallpapers, and gazebos and so on.

Allen And Roth products feature a unique and modernistic touch in all their products. With them great kitchens are made easy and affordable. Moreover, they have a wide selection of home décor fit perfectly for modern living space.

The company has been a long term collaborator with Lowe’s, a Fortune 100 home improvement company. Allen And Roth are one of their original partners for over 30 years and have a sales force dedicated entirely to Lowe’s. This makes their service efficient as well as less troubling. The company offers a whole range of interior lighting, chandeliers, ceiling lights, etc. for a great lighting system. Another of their new line of products is their closet systems. Allen And Roth have a huge variety of closet designs either for storage or organization, and some that have a contemporary feel. Vanities are the other products that are synonymous with Allen And Roth home decors. They illustrate the impeccable craftsmanship of the manufacturers with some interesting designs and varieties. They are ideal for upgrading the bathroom to a more modern feel.

The wide selection of Allen And Roth home decors also comprises of patio furniture. The patio can be a great place to mingle and hang out with family and friends. Moreover, they should not only look amazing but capable enough to survive the outdoor weather. This is guaranteed by the Allen And Roth range of patio furniture.

Besides, the company’s products fulfill the criteria set by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KMCA) in strength, quality, and performance standards, as well as environmentally responsible manufacturing. To get more information please go to

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Allen roth lighting is a reputable company that has a very unique modernistic feel to its products.

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