Whether we are talking about a nicer car, a daring house project or a clever business idea, a personal secured loan can help you meet your individual needs. Secured loans are perfect for those people who need larger amounts of money, but fear they will be refused because of bad credit or a lower income.


This type of loan is usually given to borrowers who own a home and are willing to use it in order to make other investments or pay older debts. Companies that operate secured loans can also give funding to those people in need of financing who own a vehicle and do not have a problem with placing it as collateral. In order to apply for this type of loan, borrowers will have to let the brokers have access to the vehicle’s logbook, which contains important information such as the item’s model, make and colour. This will help the lenders decide how much money they will be able to give in order for the whole operation to represent a minimum risk and will assure the borrower that he or she will not have to face a refused loan. Logbook loans are more suitable for those people who find the idea of putting their house on the line very terrifying. Also, loans which are secured on vehicles are a good pick because, as opposed to unsecured loans, the company will not give you a quote that contains a ridiculously high interest rate.


What to do with the money is entirely up to the borrower but for those who are not neck-deep in dept and have a lower income, it is suggested that they invest it in something which will later make profit. If the loan is secured on your house, brokers will give you between £5,000 and £75,000, and some will even go as far as £100,000 but it all depends on what type of deal the borrower is more comfortable with. If you have decided to go for a logbook loan, you will be able to get between £500 and £50,000, and the amount you are offered will strongly depend on the state your vehicle is in. Whether we talk about a car, a motorcycle or minivan, if you want to get money from a loan company, you will have to own a vehicle which is not older than 10 years. This type of loan is also preferable because, even though your vehicle is used as a guarantee, you will still be able to use it and rent it to earn some extra cash. You can later use the money in order to meet the obligations you have signed for in the loan contract and completely reduce the risk of loosing your car.


Experimented Loan brokers will help you get what you need, faster than you would have thought initially and will guide your through the whole process. Even though not everybody is able to put their trust in loan companies, especially when their property is at stake or vehicle, you must understand that serious firms can get you good deals that will end your financial problems. Keep in mind that, you will however sign a contract which will allow the company to claim your house or your car if you fail to meet your obligations.

If you are a vehicle owner in need of a secured loan for your business or a secured personal loan for the perfect holiday, we can help you! Come visit our website and let us give you a free quote on a logbook loan!