June 07, 2014: All Seasons Valeters recently announced that they will be an official distributor and stockist of all Diamondbrite car protection products. The announcement came from All Seasons spokesperson Nick Kyprianou who said, “We are excited to bring these amazing car products to our clients. Diamondbrite offers the best and most effective way to protect a car’s paint and fabric and now all of our customers have access to these amazing products.”

All Season Valeters is a top mobile car valeting company in the Bromley, Surrey and Croydon areas and they offer a comprehensive list of car cleaning and detailing services. These include full interior and exterior valet and wax. The company also specializes in expert detailing and goes above and beyond normal valet services by offering qualified vehicle check services.

Now the company has added Diamondbrite products. Diamondbrite products have been called the ultimate paint & fabric protection and they are effective on both fabric and paint. Diamondbrite products address the issues that arose when car makers were required to start using water-based paints due to environmental concerns. Water-based paints tend to fade more quickly and are susceptible to oxidation. The Diamondbrite products are made from refined rock oils and are applied in a two-step process that allows each product to build on the other to offer maximum protection.

Diamondbrite is applied directly to fabric or paint. With fabric, each fiber is coated with an invisible resin-based material that protects car fabric from normal everyday spills and stains. When applied to paint, Diamondbrite bonds to the surface of the car and creates a hard protective skin while maintianng the paints smooth high lustre finish.

To learn more about All Seasons Valeters, visit http://www.allseasonsvaleters.co.uk/blog/all-seasons-valeters-now-an-official-distributorstockist-of-diamondbrite-car-protection-products/ or call 07505 954 436 to speak with Nick Kyprianou. All Seasons Valeters also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Motor Trade Book and Google+.

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