China - The pneumatic ball valve is one kind of very commonly using industrial equipments. This product has many unique and advantageously features which should be main reason why it could replace other type of valve products. Now, the engineer from famous China ball and butterfly valve manufacturer and supplier which website is will tell people detailed information about the characteristics about this pneumatic ball valve.

The pneumatic ball valve has compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure and easy maintenance. The spherical surface and sealing surface should be commonly in the closed state and cannot be easily eroded by other media. This kind of ball valve could be commonly used for truncating or connecting water, solvents, acids and gas and other general media in the pipe. On the other hand, it can also be used for regulating and controlling other types of fluid. Compared with other valve products, the pneumatic control valve own the advantages of high rotary output torque, fast opening, smooth and reliable, widely applicable and some of the following advantages.

First, the special thrust bearing into this ball valve could greatly reduce the stem friction torque and let the valve stem have smooth and flexible long-term operation.

Second, this sort of ball valve from yayaking valve co., ltd has very good performance of anti-static . There is a special spring between the ball, stem and valve body which could export the static electricity which generated by the switching process.

Thirdly, due to the PTFE and other materials own very good self-lubrication feature, it could largely reduce the friction between these small spheres. That is why the pneumatic valve could have long service life.

Fourthly, the pneumatic ball valve has very small fluid resistance which could be regarded as the valve products which has the smallest fluid resistance. This is the most crucial advantage of this product.

Fifthly, the sealing level of the valve stem of this kind of ball valve is very reliable. As the Because stem imitation only for rotational movement without doing lifting exercise, easy to damage the valve stem packing and sealing ability increased with increasing pressure medium.

Sixthly, the ball valve seat has very good sealing performance. This is because of the using of the seals which are made of the elastic material such as PTFE. The structure of thee seals are easy to seal and pneumatic ball valve closure will be increased with the increasing of medium pressure.

In addition to all advantages above, people could also find many other advantages by viewing the official website of this professional China ball valve manufacturer.

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