Atlanta, GA — February 15, 2016 — All American Roofing & Construction LLC is very pleased to announce its service in insurance claim process to ensure that clients get reimbursed for all covered property damages. Hail and strong wind damage on roofs has always been a problem in Georgia especially in metro Atlanta due to prevalent storms hard hitting the area making it a necessity for homeowners to have insurance coverage for property/roof damages. However, determining whether the roof needs to be repaired or replaced can be perturbing particularly when a person has to deal with insurance claims, discuss the issue with adjusters and ensuring reimbursement for all covered property damages.

Since hail storms and strong winds have been frequenting Atlanta and most areas in the South, it is imperative that one finds out as early as now how to file a claim with your insurance company, documents required for filing a claim and what you should expect. Below, All American Roofing & Construction LLC presents what to in the circumstance that the elements caused roof damage and a person wants to file an insurance claim.

●    The very first thing is to check the home insurance policy to make sure that you are covered and what is covered by the insurance policy. Remember that some policies take into consideration the age of the roof during the time it was damaged and may only fully cover the bill for repair or replacement if the age of the roof is less than 10 years. On the other hand if the age of the roof is more than 10 years then it is possible to only get a refund for the depreciated value thereof due to wear and tear. There are also some insurance policies that only cover roof damage up to the depreciated value despite of the roof’s age, while other policies offer to cover the full cost of repair or replacement of the roof regardless of its age at the time it was damaged. If unsure of the policy coverage, the best course of action is to contact the insurance provider for detailed information.

●    Once it has been verified that the damage is covered by the insurance policy, call the insurance agent and request for a claim to be started. Make sure that an insurance adjuster will come and visit the property and thoroughly inspect the roof for damage and the extent of the damage.

●    The next step is to call a professional Atlanta roofing contractor to give an estimate on repair or replacement. Having an Atlanta roofing company assist with the process will make it easier to navigate through the roof insurance claim. Moreover, to make the process seamless, request for the contractor to meet with the person filing the claim and the adjustor to help the adjustor inspect the roof properly.

Furthermore, it is highly important that once you suspect your roof is damaged by strong winds or hail, you immediately act on it and get your roof inspected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage and expedite the claim process. All American Roofing and Construction offers a Free Roof Inspection for all potential clients.

All American Roofing & Construction LLC is a reputable Atlanta roofing company with years of experience on its belt with regards to insurance claim process. The company has a team of highly skilled forensic cost estimators and engineers with which reimbursement for all covered property damages can occur.

About All American Roofing & Construction LLC

All American Roofing and Construction has been doing business in Atlanta for over 10 years. The All American Roofing and Construction team is Atlanta’s number one company for insurance recovery and claims specialty and It is a repeat and referral based company that relies on integrity and quality of service for strength.

The company have proudly put on thousands of roofs for happy customers due to storm damage in the metro Atlanta area and have also performed hundreds of other storm and water related claims as well as large commercial projects.  All American Roofing and Construction is Gaf and Owens Corning certified and maintain an “A+” rating with the BBB and have put together a formula and system that has given them an edge.

With vast experience and  their commitment to constant improvement, the company  have developed a stream line  process dealing with client’s insurance company for approval, selecting material and a plan that make sense for the clients, and performing superior labor and job well done.

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