The world of internet marketing can often be a bewildering one to those who are new to the field and consequently a helping hand is often much appreciated.

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Offering valuable experience gained from years of operating online himself, Alex Blades is confident he can help those who need it. ‘ I know myself how intimidating setting up your own internet marketing company can be, I spent my first four years struggling to find even a little success,’ says Blades, 'but eventually I learned my craft and having spent years now discovering what to avoid online and how to sidestep the many get rich scams that can often catch the eye of unwary novices, I‘m ready to pass on my knowledge.’

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ABOUT: is a ‘work from home’ blog written by the eponymous Alex Blades, an eight year veteran of the internet marketing scene.

Inspired to make a change in his life after tiring of working eight hour days in a machinery factory, Blades decided to give working from home a try. After a slow start to his online career, Blades has since gone on to become a leading light in the independent internet marketing sector.

Keen to distance himself from the titles of ‘expert’or 'online guru,’ Blades insists that he is in fact nothing more than an example of what any normal person can achieve working from home with the appropriate levels of hard work and dedication.

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