17, November 2014: When it comes to art, there’s few artists that are more widely viewed and more immersed in the art world than the ubertalented Alexander Liccione. With paintings using various mediums, videos, filmstrips, teaching credits, commissions and various collections to Liccione’s credit; this degreed artist has made his mark during his long-term career.

Alex Liccione WW2 Bomb

Liccione has gleaned awards for his contributions to “Sesame Street,” daytime soap operas and other television shows. He was given the distinction of “Man of the Year,” the “Distinguished Men Award,” and “2000 Notable Men Award.”

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Born in Rochester, New York; Alexander Liccione attended the Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Brera in Milan, Italy. From that foreign soil he earned the International Professor of Fine Arts degree.

Liccione WW2 Liccione

One major distinction that Alex Liccione has made is with Liccione’s original military-themed artwork. Between the years 2002-2003 Liccione did a series of paintings adapted from black and white photographs. They depict many aspects of military life. Some of the paintings evolved from photographs sent to Alex by surviving Veterans of World War II. Most of the artwork in the military series are oil on canvas pieces and some are watercolor paintings. The original paintings include invasion and pre-invasion images, stockpile images, hospital scenes, aerial views, crash scenes, attack scenes and more. One especially touching painting depicts a man in uniform sitting on a city bench with a sign asking for donations.

Liccione’s father was a military hero, so there are even paintings of him in various situations.

While Alex Liccione’s original military-themed artwork is only the tip of the iceberg, this artist seems determined to pay homage to those who have served their country in the Armed Forces.

For more information or to purchase art prints, visit http://alexanderliccione.com/

Written by Shirley A. Hammond

Shirley A. Hammond is a freelance writer and author of the book – “Xtreme Ride Wish: An Untwinnable Day.”