Relationship experts pointed out that majority of women suffer from relationship problems because they do not understand what their men want. There have been many books published to help women win back their man’s affection; however, not many books are as reliable as they are advertised. Recently, a new book called Make Him Desire You was published, which aims to help women in understanding the male psychology.  With the book already downloaded by thousands of readers, it has also got enough positive reviews proving that it can help women in maintaining a healthy relationship.

The book is written by a dating specialist named Alex Carter, who has mastered the art of understanding how different women handle their relationship. In his book he pointed out all the misconceptions that women have for men. He also discusses invaluable myths about relationship that can ruin and break a happy couple. Make Him Desire You is for women of all ages and is applicable for both single and couples.

The author said that most women fail to hold on to their relationship because they get too attached to their guys from the beginning. According to Carter, this is a big mistake and shows sign of immaturity which can turn off a guy. The book advises women to first respect herself and also to have her own group of friends. Cater assures women that if they want their men’s attention, they should also invest in the relationship.

The e-book also contains several tips and tricks on how to capture the interest of men and how to get men’s love by respecting and acknowledging him. The author explains that men and women have different approach towards relationship. So in order to make a relationship work, women must first understand what draws a men and what pushes them away.

In Make Him Desire You, the author explains the science behind all the suggestions provided in his book. Interested readers can download it and get to know deeply how to let her man stay in love forever. For more information please go to

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