Aletex has launched a strong IT support system for all kinds of data recovery system for those companies and business owners in Australia. They offer their service for business and residential homes. Started by a certified system engineer, aletex is a company that aims to answer all kinds of IT related queries and offers solutions. The company fixes issues, prevent problems, recommend quick fix and the solutions are made with cost effective budget. Today these kinds of specialist team of computer experts are needed in all kinds of establishments like educational institutions, offices, business house and at residential homes for maintaining computers and software planning.

The team at aletex works in weekends with no extra charges. Aletex caters services for data recovery, hardware upgrade, application support, network and security and even remote support. They are Easy to access and works with any kind of computers and software. They quote their charge by the kind of projects they handle and not by the hours. Their prices are quite competitive in the market. They help amateurs in the IT arena to get a firm hand and knowledge in setting up the most updated and at the same time a compatible network of service.

In case of data missing data and files cases, aletex helps in almost all kinds of nearly impossible situations. They recover data from USB memory sticks, mobile phones and standard hard drives with the help of special tools and know how. They also provide up-grades of hardware for all kinds of companies and small business. They install hardware and software like server, workstation, and VOIP installation. And when it comes to application support they all the series of Microsoft windows, Apple Mac, Linux and all types of office packages. Aletex also offers security help for its customers and scan all kinds of possible attacks from malicious attacks. For more information please visit



Aletex is an IT support system company started by Alex Teseo a system engineer. Based in Australia, the company caters IT related solutions with a team of certified experts with the most competitive price quotes.


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