Kakaako, Hawaii — For an increasing number of natives of Honolulu, self-storage at Ala Moana is the facility they trust to house their treasures, whether it's for a few weeks or years on end.

At Ala Moana, a Kakaako self-storage facility, security is a priority that's at the top of the company's priority list. The goal? To ensure that storage block renters feel completely safe, at-ease and confident that their belongings are being well-guarded.

“I want the property to be safe for anyone, anytime they are here. I ask myself, would my wife and daughter be safe visiting the property at night? And that’s the way I view it. We want every tenant to feel safe here," explained Craig Morrison, owner of Ala Moana self-storage.

Since he took over at the Ala Moana self-storage company, Morrison has revitalized the facility, its atmosphere and even the company philosophy, which revolves around four pillars: safety, courtesy, price and maintenance.

Ala Moana self-storage team takes those extra steps that make doing business a pleasure, from their courtesy calls to remind tenants about upcoming rental fee due dates, to their spotless, newly-face-lifted facility, which is monitored by 'round-the-clock sentries.

To learn more about Ala Moana self-storage, call 808-591-1888 or visit http://www.hawaiibusinessonline.com/ala-moana-self-storage-808-591-1888-honolulu-self-storage/

Ala Moana Self Storage
438 Kamakee St
Honolulu, HI 96814