~Catch Birbal unravel a new mystery with Mulla this Thursday 9th and Friday 10th April at 9pm~


BIG MAGIC’S Har Mushkil Ka Hal- Akbar Birbal continues to weave the magic of its chatpata episodes. To add more spice to the episode, a talented puppet artist will enter the Mughal Empire and win the hearts of Rani Sahiba and Akbar. Little does anyone know the reality of this puppeteer’s  visit. Catch the talent special episode filled with laughter, fun and mystery on Thursday and Friday, April 9-10 at 9:00 PM on BIG MAGIC.

As the episode unfolds, the whole Mughal Empire is worried for Akbar who is stressed and is not able to concentrate on any work. Akbar’s close friend Sulemaan gets to know about his situation and he sends a talented puppet artist to his kingdom for his entertainment. The puppet artist, who is very famous for puppet fight dance comes and shows his talent. Everyone enjoys the show except Akbar. To cheer him up everyone persuades Akbar to participate in the puppet fight by wearing the puppet suit, to which he reluctantly agrees. The show starts and everyone seems excited to see Akbar dancing and fighting. At the end of the show, everyone realizes that it is not Akbar but a performer in his disguise.  Where did Akbar vanish? Was this puppet show a trap for Akbar? Will the witty Birbal and Mulla be able to solve this mystery?

Catch the entertaining Puppet Fight Dance show on Har Mushkil Ka Hal- Akbar Birbal this Thursday and Friday, April 9-10 at 9:00 PM on BIG MAGIC


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