25, June 2015: Intelligent self-balancing scooters have been known by more and more people who support eco-friendly ideas and always pursue the fashionable new products. But the early market explorers always priced their products at very high prices that are unaffordable to individuals. But that situation is terminated when Airwheel entered the market and lowered the price level. But some other troubles came: more cheap products of other brands appear. So should Airwheel still be your best choice, now? To answer this question, let’s first figure out what consumers need when buying an intelligent self-balancing scooter.


Consumers want intelligent scooters for their daily travel. The city transport has been ruined by too many private cars. Sometimes driving your private cars, you may see people who surpass you by riding bicycles. The portable and eco-friendly ideas in designing intelligent scooters make them the “gifted” vehicles that will solve your traffic problems. Also some people are pursuing a fashionable life, and the transport means will definitely be a new field to be exploited for your fashion style. Of course expensive cars are attracting, yet their high-price is also unaffordable to most people. Instead, intelligent self-balancing scooters are the new and popular invention in such an intelligent era and with reasonable prices. They are the best choices for tastemakers.

So you may ask: these are what I want for an electric scooter; so what’s the difference between Airwheel and other brands? Here another question may answer you: what is the basis for these surficial needs? It’s the product quality and stability.


The cheap products in the intelligent scooter won’t offer you good riding experiences. They are generally assembled with the normal or inferior vehicle units and the producing procedures of them are not standardized by the designer. The operating systems inside them are generally simple and incomplete ones which won’t satisfy your needs of intelligent vehicles. The little expense on the hardware, software and production results in a much lower price than Airwheel. Instead, Airwheel chooses the best vehicles units for its products, also every producing procedure of Airwheel products is finished with the strictest standards set by Airwheel itself. The sophisticated operating system in the scooter will give you a more stable and safer riding experience. With an Airwheel you will enjoy the riding experience the same as those especially supplied to the governments or big enterprises.

Airwheel, your best choice of intelligent self-balancing scooters now and in the future.

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