25, February 2016: CES, a sprawling consumer technology showcase will kick off right away. The show has drawn both tech giants like Samsung, and small start-ups. Airwheel Technology, as a pioneer in the rising intelligent self-balancing scooter industry, is pitching in to offer its latest products to customers and retailers.


Airwheel Technology intends to show off the coolest and most practical products to the event. It will get people to think about how they can travel around in the future. Among all the futuristic products, the electric skateboard M3, saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 and 2-wheeled electric scooter Z3 receive most market thumbs-up and will make a stir in the show. Imagine the portable machine that can fit in the car trunks and be connected to the phone. It has made getting around, or going to work a bit more fun.

The common features of Airwheel products are portability and intelligence. The three products are released in last autumn. These portable products weigh only around 12 kg, bearable for adults to take onto buses or metros. M3 and S6 are equipped with wireless remote control, making them more intelligent. Following the Airwheel tradition, they can also be connected with phones by exclusive App, which can collect various data concerning the vehicle. Airwheel Technology by launching the new products unveils a new concept that will help define the future of eco commuting. All these products are both fashionable in appearance and practical in use. The shape design and color matching are aesthetically appealing to trend-setters. Meanwhile, various protection mechanism and hardware support have guaranteed safe and sound riding experience for customers.


As the society career towards roads full of electric-powered vehicles, the self-balancing scooter producer will embrace CES as a chance to reveal their latest innovation and seeking cooperation with other hi-tech companies. During the CES, Airwheel products will be exhibited in booth 48001&48003 at Hilton Hall. Welcome to have a test ride of the new products.

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