United States of America; 20, May 2015: New technological development in various sectors is changing the world. One of these sectors is cutting-edge portable intelligent transport products. Airwheel Technology is a tech company that has revolutionized this sector with its range of self-balancing unicycles and scooters. These vehicles are either one wheeled or double wheeled. The unicycles and scooters make them easier for users to move around the town for shopping, dinner, small trips, or even visit to a close friend. Irrespective of rain or muddy terrain, these vehicles are suitable for a ride.

The one wheel electric scooter has several features and it’s a ground breaking means to commute. It has a unique look and design paired with high-end specs for a modern day to day use. The intelligent self-balancing scooter has an environmental friendly lithium battery inside. It features the latest independently developed motor drive board technology. It adopts the aerospace attitude control theory, gyroscope system, and fuzzy software algorithm for maintaining balance of leaning forward and backward. Riders have full control to move forward, accelerate, brake and decelerate.

Airwheel Technology’s self-balancing unicycle has several similarities to the technique of riding a bicycle. These are green and environmental friendly products which are powered by leading core technology. It serves as a great commuting alternative and comes with suitable tilting protection technology. Whenever the Airwheel turns over, there is an inbuilt control mechanism which activates the tilting protection. Consequently, the motor stalls immediately in order to prevent injuries.

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The electric unicycle also comes with speed control inbuilt technology. As a result, the mechanism sets a maximum speed limit. Whenever the vehicle speeds to 12km/h or more, frontal pedal end rises gradually. As soon as the speed clocks 16 km/h, the pedal poses a 10° angle towards the levelling surface. This stops the user from inclining further in order to accelerate. High strength and ultra widened aviation aluminium pedal has exclusive pedal folding tech which suits the feet.

Low battery protection mechanism is also present in the system. All the four lights start blinking as soon as the power level drops below 15%. Frontal end of pedal begins sinking which forces the user to decelerate immediately and stop eventually. It is wiser to not try riding immediately to prevent sudden loss of power and fall over. Tilting protection activates with the buzzer launching long beeps with LED indicator on power button flashing immediately. Control system prevents the user from further acceleration through beeping and rising frontal end of pedal.

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Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co. Ltd is involved in research and development of user friendly portable intelligent transport products. The company is dedicated to manufacture and sell self-balancing electric unicycle and scooters. Visit the website for more information on the products and services offered.

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