19, June 2015: In addition to job promotion and raise, every morning the happiest thing for an office commuter must be getting to the office in the blink of an eye. I believe that no one is willing to exhaust himself by the time he arrives at the office. After clocking out, the greatest thing then will be getting back home as soon as possible and having a delicious dinner. However, the reality is brutal as always. Here are traffic jams again! At that moment, you just can’t help thinking how great it is to shrink your car and go through the small gap between cars. Since you have such a wish, Airwheel intelligent scooters are here to fulfill that.


Airwheel electric intelligent scooter can be easily put into the back of your car as well as brought into metros or buses. Users are able to carry it through narrow stair corridors and lifts. Therefore, it is fair to say the Airwheel scooter is small enough to relieve you from traffic jams because it will definitely bring you to the destination as long as there is road ahead. That is what Airwheel electric unicycle does. It is mounted with high-quality tires of a famed brand, which has a grip 3.8 times as strong as that of regular tires. The scooter is more endurable with a shorter brake distance. Using quality tires grants the Airwheel intelligent one-wheeled scooters with more outstanding performance, better user experience and higher safety coefficient.

Likewise, all the electric unicycles by Airwheel are equipped with lithium battery cells from Sony which have steadier performance and don’t explode easily compared with other battery cells. In the meanwhile, there are protective boards inside the battery especially for Airwheel scooters that can protect the battery and extend its lasting life.


Due to its excellent performance and good choice on parts, Airwheel, an emerging brand in the scooter industry, has occupied more than 60% of the market share nationwide and become well known in the world. The recent years have witnessed all the new technologies, materials and techniques adopted by Airwheel. These scooters with top quality and high safe performance scooters are affordable for everyone indeed. It is Airwheel’s hope that the scooter industry can be expanded by good price and standardized products.

In modern times, traveling is as hard as life is. Nevertheless, you can make your choice. For example, ride an Airwheel electric intelligent scooter. It can take you away from the annoying traffic congestion and towards a greener future.

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