15, October 2015: Time flies. The year of 2015 has passed more than a half quietly. Many festivals are in the second half of a year. Therefore, people have more chances to visit friends and families. Meeting and talking with friends and families to celebrate festivals together is a happy thing. It is a good opportunity to strengthen the bond between friends and family members. But there is a problem that annoys people who are going to visit friends and families—how to choose the present. People want to send their beloved the most considerate present, which is useful, special and affordable. Airwheel electric scooter is a good choice. It shows the sincere wishes from the sender to the receiver.


Airwheel electric unicycle is the most popular transport these days. It is eco-friendly, intelligent and fashionable. Riders can use it to commute to work, go to school and home as well as use it as an entertainment. What’s more, it can also help riders exercise and give them a healthy life. Airwheel electric unicycle is the new choice for the fashionable new generation. Therefore, it is the most suitable present for young people.


In order to satisfy different requirements from different customers, Airwheel prepares lots of different models of electric self-balancing scooter for riders to choose. People can choose the most suitable one for their beloved according to their characteristics and preference. If the receiver is an open minded trendsetter with unique characteristic, the classic X-series is the perfect choice for him or her. If the receiver is a fashionable lovely girl, then the small and colorful Q-series is suitable. If the receiver is a successful senior management, the high-end and Lamborghini style S-series can show his superiority. If the receiver likes the comfortable, casual transports, A-series may win his love.

Airwheel electric scooter is the best present for the one you love.

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