02, May 2016: With the development of intelligent hardware traveling field, intelligent vehicles becomes more and more popular but at the same time the homogenization phenomenon for products gradually gets worse which directly leads to the aesthetic fatigue. Well, what do users really pursue in terms of self-balancing scooters? Airwheel insists vapidity is the worst situation for a new product. From the view of Airwheel, to develop a product which is interesting, we can start from the each detail of the product and take the users experience into account so as to create a free life with more fun and high-quality for users.

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When you first see Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped scooter, you must be surprised for its elegance. The streamline design for control lever of S8 electric scooter for adults with seat endows it with better elegance and the main color-white is also very fashionable. Plus, riders can control the turning more flexibly and comfortable. Meanwhile, the LED safety taillight installed in the rear of the scooter can light up automatically to sound alarms to pedestrians in night riding.


Except the nice outlook, S8 double-wheels electric scooter is easier to learn than single wheel scooters. Riders can free change the riding postures between siting and standing and the gravity of sitting posture is lowered which means that it is much easier to control it.

As the another multiple posture self-balancing scooter, S8 two wheel electric scooter selects the 10 inches tyres and the material of the tyres also choose the pneumatic tyres, instead of solid tyres. All these changes raise the riding experience in daily commuting. Considering the different riding postures and different statures of riders, S8 is also designed to have 50mm adjustable space for satisfying the figures of riders.


We have reason to believe that more and more people will accept this elegant, low carbon and convenient life.

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