08, February 2016: Everyone will grow old and later life is an important life stage. As we children grow up, our parents become old and they also will feel frustrated more or less. My parents are the typical example. They have retired two years ago and what they hope is that I have more time to accompany them. When I go to work in the day, they just stay at home. Although I have bought a dog for them, it seems as I only bring one more family member. Their later life starts to change since I brought back another member-Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter.


In fact, Airwheel S6 mini self-balancing scooter is suggested by one of my colleagues. She told me that Airwheel S6 scooter not only could solve parents’ travel demands, but also could enrich their later life. When I took it home, my dad and mum were quite interested in it. Airwheel S6 mini scooter offers two riding modes: sitting-posture and standing-posture, which is realized by a controllable saddle.

For the elderly people, the sitting-posture riding mode is much safer and also more comfortable. In the meantime, riding is very easy. For example, my dad sits on the saddle and he can move forward if he slightly leans forward. Briefly speaking, he is totally free when he rides Airwheel S6 scooter.


Now, I feel that my parents are much happier than before and it thanks to Airwheel S6 two-wheeled electric scooter. It has become my mum’s exclusive transport when she needs to buy foods or other daily articles in the near supermarket. When it comes to my dad, he gets up very early in the morning and rides Airwheel S6 scooter to walk his dog in the park. Besides, he also rides it to play chess with neighbors. Frankly speaking, I am really grateful when I see the smiles on their face.

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