16, March 2016: My grandfather has been 78-year-old already. Since my grandmother died two years ago, my grandfather is always living with his dog, Dee. His house is 5km away from us. Usually, my parents and I will see him on weekend. Sometimes, I will have supper with him after work. What does my grandfather usually do? Stay at home and watch TV or read books. Walk Dee in the morning or in the dusk.


Recently, I see many people riding a kind of scooter on road. Some people stand to ride it, while some others sit to ride it. I have a brainstormimmediately: I can buy my grandfather the same scooter. After searching the Internet, Iget to know that the scooter I see is Airwheel S6 mini self-balancing scooter.

It doesn’t need physical strength to ride Airwheel S6 mini self-balancing scooter, because it is based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to keep itself balanced. In other words, as long as adjusting body gravity slightly, riders can realize all controls. Leaning forward and backward realizes speeding up or slowing down respectively. That’s so wonderful and I place an order online after fully understanding Airwheel S6 electric scooter.


Several days later, Ireceive Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter and I give it to my grandfather. He easily stands on the scooter and I teach him to slightly adjust his body. After a while, he can ride it by himself and he is so happy.

Now, my grandfather doesn’t go out on foot any more. Even if buying a bottle of vinegar, he prefers to ride Airwheel S6 scooter, let alone walking Dee or strolling in park. It totally becomes his exclusively personal transport. Iobviously feel that my grandfather is much happier since the advent of Airwheel S6 scooter.

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