05, February 2016: I am a marketing director of a foreign company and I am always busy with my work. Therefore, I will try my best to spare time to accompany my wife and little son on weekend. Today, a sunny Saturday, I am driving my SUV and take them to appreciate beautiful plum blossoms in countryside. At the same time, I also take two recently-bought Airwheel S3T two-wheeled electric scooters that are put in the trunk. Why can they be stored in that small space? It benefits from foldable aluminum alloy control shaft and thus they can be folded into small size.


When we arrive at the destination, a huge range of pink plum blossoms leap into our eyes. That’s so beautiful. My little son is so happy that he is scampering like a rabbit. Next, we are going to blend with those lovely flowers. Then, it is time to use Airwheel S3T two-wheeled self-balancing scooter.

The maximum loading capacity of Airwheel S3T scooter is 120kg, which is big enough to bear the weight of my son and mine together. My son sits on my shoulder and embraces my head, which is the common game of us. Then, I stand on Airwheel S3T scooter and I am slightly leaning forward to move forth. In order to ensure the safety, I control the riding speed within 10km/h. I can read the real-time speed on the 4-inch LED displayer that is installed on the middle of handle, so I can control the riding speed. As to my wife, she rides the other one.


We are as riding Airwheel S3T electric scooter as appreciating the beautiful plum blossoms. Time flies! An hour has passed away. We leave Airwheel S3T electric scooters on wayside and start to take photos with beautiful scenery. After that, we ride back to the SUV and find farmhouse to enjoy a nice dinner.

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