People become lazy in cold winter. Compared with going out, they prefer to stay at home and enjoy central heating. However, body needs working out regularly. Now, a brand-new tool that can cover travels and exercise body at the same time. More importantly, people love it so much. It is Airwheel R5 electric assist bike. On the one hand, people can ride it to commute or finish other daily travels. The journey becomes smooth when compared with driving private car or taking pubic bus. On the other hand, the rich riding modes make people exciting and riding itself is an aerobic exercise. This winter will be interesting and warm.

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Airwheel R5 electric assist bike can be big or small via three simple steps, which benefits from multiple folding system. The unfolded R5 can take people to distant place, while the folded R5 can be taken to any small spaces, such as car trunk, subway, bus or even suitcase. Therefore, people don't need to worry where they can park their transports. 16-inch customized tyres are made from high-quality material and the surface has been made into unique tread pattern. Thus, the tyres have strong road holding capacity and better adaptability. On bumpy roads or snowy roads, it always gives riders comfortable and stable riding experience.

However, what warms people up in cold winter is the rich riding mode offered by Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle. As a whole, it has three modes, bodybuilding mode, power-assisted mode and electricity-powered mode. Just as its name implies, bodybuilding mode relies on physical strength, which is similar to riding tradition bikes. Ten minutes at most, people will feel warm. Power-assisted mode has 12 gears (0-11) and riders can select gear according to the physical state. Speaking to electricity-powered mode, it means the power completely comes from lithium-ion battery. All in all, R5 ideawheel makes winter travel wonderful.

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