05, February 2016: Sometimes I am very thankful that this world was not ended in 2012. The beginning of a new round of Maya timeline gave me the chance of experiencing the wonderful new-generation iPhones. And PS4 is where I can go on “torture” my cousin, who has sworn too many times on PS3 to beat me “next time”. However, I am very unthankful that my little cousin finally found something he can play as good as me—Airwheel M3 remote control skateboards.


It’s generally very boring after the 2012 apocalypse when I moved away from the place my family had lived for years to the city where my aunt lives. New friends, new middle school but less fun in beginning weekends because it needs time to build my own relationship with my new classmates. When I started to expect PS5, my cousin and I suddenly found a new game—the Airwheel M3 self-balancing scooter. This time we experience a new side of intelligence technologies and the charms of skateboards.

Of course my cousin and I all have skateboards shoes. The first sight on Airwheel M3 makes me wonder that the designer of M3 must be another fun of GTA V because every part of the vehicle supports DIY. The standing boards are the module displaying riders’ personalized tastes. On the standing boards I just put my favorite “The Dark Knight” on it. The wheels and the shock absorption units are easy to be replaced if they stop works. The amazing designers of M3 have successfully installed all the vehicle units for the intelligence and electronic functions of M3 in the compacted body of M3.


The amazing accessory—remote control of M3 remote control skateboard, is the key functions of M3 which attracts me the most. Finally the VR which have been expected by my fellows for such a long time would be just realized by Airwheel in another way—to combine the way of playing video games and the true experiences in the real world.

To me, 2016 means a big changes. But, with my M3 electric skateboards I've made some changes in myself.

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