23, February 2016: In our daily, many people keep abreast with times and they are familiar with kinds of smart equipment. And Audrey is fascinated by every gadget full of creation, especially for a travelling lover. And Airwheel Q6 twin-wheeled electric scooter highlights Audrey’s journey. Based on dynamic stabilization principle, the self-balancing vehicle is in fact a smart robot, who responds to rider’s gestures and weight by a built-in gyroscope, in the process of which a high speed CPU reads the gestures and gives instructions to the motor to drive to maintain balance.


Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter Q6's appeal is its eye-catching design with a captivating LED lighting system, which provides individuality and effective safety when travelling at night or in conditions of poor visibility, as well. The lithium battery mounted on Airwheel intelligent electric scooter Q6 is featured by an operating life of over 1800 charge cycles, or almost 4 times the duration of a normal battery for vehicles of this size, and almost 3 times the average life of a normal lithium battery on the market.

Colourful cushion pads of Airwheel Q6 electric self-balancing scooter are designed primarily to make riding even more comfortable by allowing the legs to press more easily on the frame, for enhanced safety and manoeuvrability; they are also interchangeable, allowing you to give your Airwheel a different look every day.


Even though Audrey has been to many places and learned different customs and practices, she has not experienced such travelling feeling with Airwheel Q6 twin-wheeled electric scooter. When she wants to visit in a faster speed, she can ride Q6 self-balancing electric scooter with the speed of 12 km/h. when there is something special attracting her, and she can control Q6 in a slower spend and even she can walk directly into the exquisite shops, as there is no parking problem for Airwheel Q6. Being portable and trendy, Airwheel Q6 twin-wheeled electric scooter highlights Audrey’s journey.

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