28, September 2015: In modern society, following fashion is everyone’s dream. In this diverse society, everyone is in the pursuit of being personalized. Hence, it becomes more and more difficult for people to get attention form others. Do you want to be the special one? Try Airwheel Q6 electric self-balancing scooter. Wherever Q6 goes, it becomes an eye-catching scene. The following parts will introduce Airwheel Q6 electric scooterin detail.


Airwheel Q6 can be treated as an artwork, with premium quality underlined by premium texture crafted with special technique. Tailored for those with high-end tastes, Airwheel Q6 is made of solid shield low-key texture. In addition to adding more distinctive colour elements, the cushion pads protect users’ legs against scrapes and bruises. The replaceable cushion pads are now available in more colours to suit your needs.

Exquisite as it appears, Q6’s casing also features enhanced strength, anti-scratch and abrasion. Adopted Pioneered kickstand, Airwheel Q6 can avoid collision when stops. It is the world's first kickstand. Aluminium pedal is round design, which avoids abrasion and more durable; it also adopts Cheng Shin Tire, world famous tire brand. Moreover, maglev motor adopting magnetic force is one of the newest technology, which do not use radial bearing, is more durable and less abrasion.


Airwheel Q6, a twin wheel electric scooter working principle of intelligent self-balancing scooter is mainly based on dynamic stabilization, that is to say, the self-balancing ability of scooter itself. It adopts built-in solid-state gyroscope to determine rider’s gesture and gravity, receiving instructions from precise and high-speed CPU, which drives the motor to reach balance.

Riding Airwheel Q6, the rider can have a Touch of Green Life. Make a difference and mark yourself whatever your own style is. Born to be different, Airwheel Q6 has such features as brand new LED flash lights, adding its style sense while ensuring your safety at night. Let Fashion Entertains You by riding Airwheel Q6 intelligent self-balancing scooter.

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